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This community started out simply as a place to come and appreciate the much neglected Australian/New Zealand faction of the Lord of the Rings cast...Craig, Karl, David, Marton, Hugo, Sala, Miranda, etc. Since then, I've decided to go ahead and open pac_con up to all the gorgeous Aussies/Kiwis. This is due in no small part to my newly acquired but already obsessive love of one Eric Bana, so of course anything involving Eric is always welcome. However, please feel free to post pics/fics/comments/updates etc. about any of your favorite Pacific men. Or women...the lovely Miranda is always welcome, as well. Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Sam Neil...whoever floats your boat...bring them along and introduce us! Did I mention Eric Bana? ;) As I said, anything relating to any of these people is welcome. Picture posting is always welcome, but not required. Fan fics -including slash fics- are welcome as well. Comments, quotes, magazine articles, updates on their careers are all encouraged. And of course there are a few pesky little rules...

Da Rules (courtesy of Fairly Oddparents)

1. First and foremost, please be respectful. Each of these people deserve to have their private lives kept private. Please, no gossiping or hurtful comments.

2. See #1. Same goes for each other. NO FLAMING!

3. Please keep on topic-God knows I love Sean, Viggo, Orli, Elijah & the others as much as anyone, but this community isn't about them. Australia or New Zealand only, please.

4. Please use the lj-cut for any long posts &/or pic spams.

5. As I said, slashfic is welcome as well as genfic, but please make sure there is a warning on it and that it is placed behind the cut.

Now go forth and post! :)