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Hoping for a Resurrection

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I've been over here! Does anyone else ever drop by anymore? Things have finally gotten settled down in my life, I have both kids back in school and I'm really excited about trying to back to my writing. I want desperately to get back to my poor, neglected Karl/Craig fic that I was working on before everything went batshit crazy. The reason I'm posting right now is to beg for inspiration. If there's anyone still out there, I would love to see some pics of Karl & Craig - old, new, anything you've got - just give me your favorites of either one or both of these wonderful men. I'll put my own under the cut in a minute, but be forewarned, I haven't had a chance to prowl for new pics in a loooong time, so mine are all older ones! They're still beautiful though! Enjoy! :)

How adorably cute is Craig here?!?!?!

Bendy-twisty Craig!!

Ok, I know Mark is in here too, but that look on Craig's face is priceless!

~Karl's turn~


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