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Slash Fic: Deny Me Not 2 of 3

TITLE: Deny Me Not 2 of 3
AUTHORS: rufferto and kitty_trio
PAIRING: Craig Parker/Karl Urban, others
RATING: Adult, NC-17
WARNINGS: Slash, Angst
FEEDBACK: Yes please!
DISCLAIMER: It’s Fiction! It never happened. All lies from troubled minds. We don't know Craig Parker or Karl Urban or their sexual preferences. In short, nothing in this story is true regarding any real person mentioned. This is all fiction. No money made from this fantasy.

A/N: Well... We'd intended to resolve this story in two parts. Ruffy tossed another curveball late in the chapter, late last night. Here, let her (try to) explain:

rufferto (11/18/2006 11:01:27 PM): couldn't resist
rufferto (11/18/2006 11:01:31 PM): it was going to well for Karl. *winks*
kitty_trio (11/18/2006 11:01:33 PM): *snerk*
kitty_trio (11/18/2006 11:01:38 PM): yesh
kitty_trio (11/18/2006 11:02:04 PM): I know... *sighs* this fic started with you & C cranky and in need of mucho angst
rufferto (11/18/2006 11:02:10 PM): hehe *evol grin*

SUMMARY: Once again a peek forward into the lives of our Mate With Benefits boys. Approximately 1997 during the adventures/productions of Xena/Herc/Young Herc. This is what happens when Ruffy wakes one weekend very cranky, in need of writing older Bébé K & C with much more angst than fluff. We’re still not sure if this is an odd turn to their story or not. *shrugs*

Part One

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"We Belong" By Pat Benetar

"Many times I've tried to tell you
Many times I've cried alone
Always I'm surprised how well you
Cut my feelings to the bone

Don't want to leave you really
I've invested too much time
To give you up that easy
To the doubts that complicate your mind

Craig has a feeling he is going to have to pull out all the guns to get the younger man to stay, so down goes his hand to close over a certain familiar bulge he knows is there.

“I don’t expect anything; I just want you to stay.” Boldly, his hand moves under jeans to touch the bare skin beneath.

Taut as a bow string, Karl freezes when Craig encircles his chest. “Luv…Kit…C—Craig…” he stutters hips shifting, giving the access Craig wanted. His cock jumps and throbs against Craig’s fingers. His back arches away, but only causes his bum to brush against an answering hardness behind the placket of the smaller man’s trousers. “Oh fuck me, I wanna…but love…” he groans, hips stuttering back and forth. “It’s a bad, bad idea.”

“I don’t care.” Craig growls into Karl’s ear and nips it…hard. His hands answer the growl with a slight squeeze to the hard rod his palm is working on. “I want to bury myself deep inside you, so deep you won’t know anything except the feeling of my hard cock right where it belongs.

“You’ll cry for me alone, Karl.” He switches to work on the other ear, oiled fingers expertly massaging. “I can’t see how that could be bad.”

“Ah Fuck!” Only by shear will alone, Karl keeps from coming after the hard bite to his sensitive earlobe. His fingers dig into the bed covers until his knuckles are white. “L—Love, yeh gotta stop… or I’ll not be able t’…” What Craig is whisper-growling penetrates.

Fucken hell, his kitten has grown claws and a wicked bent. No one since this man has ever taken him. Not even with any of the myriad ‘toys’ Marton had a habit of leaving behind after a visit, has anything filled territory claimed solely by Craig.

His body is screaming an emphatic yes. His head, what few coherent thoughts left, knows it’s a very, very bad idea indeed. No way will his heart survive. Craig already holds that in his -wickedly talented, he groans again- hands. This new commanding Craig will be the death of him, leaving only a shell, bereft of what could have been. Ah fuck! but what a way to go…

Face buried in the pillow, blond head shaking no, his bum continues to rub against the bulge pressed firmly against it.

“Knew you couldn’t resist.” Craig whispers triumphantly. He slips off the other man. “Remove your jeans and kneel on the bed. I don’t want you lying on your back. You can sleep on top of me after.” He steps back and unsnaps his tight jeans. Winking at Karl he slips out of them to expose his body to the other man. He tosses a towel down on the bed so it doesn’t get soiled when Karl finally comes. There’s a gleam in his eye, almost as if he’s crowing over his easy triumph. “After tonight, no matter who you go to, you won’t forget this.”

After tonight, he’ll be incapable of being with anyone else. Karl kneels up and unfastens his jeans. One glance over his shoulder at the triumphant glitter in Craig’s deep blue eyes, and Karl shutters the unease and unrequited love for this man from the green depths of his. He did say he’d sell his soul for Craig. His jeans join Craig’s on the floor. He never thought he’d be selling it to Craig. Muscles bunch and shift as he moves into position, his shaft leaks and throbs, red with need.

Craig watches, heated gaze roaming Karl’s body. His fingers twitch and he applies more oil to them, this time lubricant. He prowls behind Karl and slides his hands over the twin globes of his lover’s arse. “Perfect.” He whispers. His other hand tilts Karl’s head back to rest against his shoulder and he kisses the other man, long and deep, tongue urging compliance. Impatient to fulfill his own want, his cock twitches against Karl’s thigh. He has to be careful because he has a feeling that Karl hasn’t been taken in a long time. “God of love you are.” He murmurs, tugging at the other’s lower lip as he allows them to breathe. “Let me worship you.”

His oiled finger finds the puckered opening and plunges within.

This confident, commanding Craig is far removed from the boy-man Karl learned about love with so long ago. Mind swirling, body quivering in need, he submissively complies with the other’s wishes. Eyes closed, the kiss overpowers his senses until he’s panting. He moans and tries to follow Craig’s lips unsuccessfully in the awkward position.

As Craig presses forward, a hiss is suppressed by biting hard into his lip, and a shudder wracks his frame. He pushes back, willing his body to open to the invasion.

Craig slips on a condom, and inserts a second finger, beginning the swirling pressure to make his love ready for further stretching. He kisses up and down Karl’s neck. He knows that he’s taking advantage, but he doesn’t care at this point. Too much hurt and pain has wracked his body and mind because of this one man and he’s not going to let this opportunity pass by. Is it some kind of revenge? Perhaps. He knows it’s not though, he knows he loves Karl to distraction, and normally would kill himself before hurting the other. Taking out his suppressed anger in this fashion was wrong. He knew that. It wasn’t though, if he made it good for Karl, if there was love behind it. “I’ve always worshiped you.” He confesses to take the sting of command away as his fingers find the other man’s prostate.

His free hand is roaming Karl’s front, twirling around taut nipples and eventually settling to cup his cock.

On some level Karl knows they are using each other to exorcise demons of the past. All the hurts and betrayals Karl caused. Here, with this act, maybe Craig can exact some retribution. Maybe enduring this Karl can attain some small measure of peace. He concentrates on the hand manipulating his skin, and the spikes of electricity zinging along his nerves from the taps to his prostate.

The pain he relishes, revels in as his due for not having faith in Craig’s love so long ago. Head hanging low between his quivering arms, he moans. Pushing back on the invasion and forward into the teasing, taunting grip, he uses his body to tell his love, this Craig, this stranger to give him more.

Craig stretches Karl as thoroughly as possible, adding a third finger. “Don’t want to hurt you.” He explains into the already red ear. His free hand strokes Karl’s cock, up and down encouraging release. Tender kisses now spread across his lover’s jawline. “Want you so much.” He murmurs. He can’t seem to keep focused at all on revenge anymore. He just wants to give Karl pleasure. “Come for me and I’ll fill you.”

“Please, yes…” Karl pants, willing his body to do just that. He angles his head, giving Craig access to his trimmed jawline and the tender area beneath his ear. His orgasm is building, but not as quickly as before. “Possess me, hur…ungh!” his near slip of saying hurt, changes to a groan as Craig adds a twist both internally and to his cock. “Oh gods love…mark me yours…”

Craig does oblige and bites a particular spot on Karl’s neck just underneath his ear. He closes his eyes and tickles his lover’s prostate with a low purr/growl. “You are mine.” He comments softly. He bristles slightly at the term love. Love. Karl didn’t know the meaning of the word, that’s why it was so ironic that he was playing a god of love. He wills his hurt heart to stop rearing its ugly head. He should be cherishing this moment, not taking complete advantage of it. It didn’t make him any better a man. “Oh god, Karl. I need you.” He whispers plaintively. “Come for me, please.”

The bite is all he needs. Grunting softly, Karl jerks in his release, pulsing onto the towel beneath, and impaling himself further on Craig’s fingers. “Ah fuck… love…” he’s forgotten the sensation of his passage convulsing around what fills it.

Craig’s arm about his waist and still stroking his spent shaft is all that keeps him from collapsing. “Hu…so good, hu…hurry… please… now” he pants, arms shaking in the effort to hold his weight.

Craig slips his fingers out and angles his cock head against his lover’s entrance. He slowly presses within, holding Karl with both arms now, fingers coated with Karl’s essence. He laps at one and then offers his own fingers to Karl to suckle if he wishes. “Coming soon… just relax.” He whispers. “Gods, so tight. Still so tight. Karl…” He gasps, moaning sharply at the feeling.

Filled completely, Karl is unable to do more than gasp. The fingers pressed to his lips are laved. Focusing on them and the cadence of Craig’s voice, he rocks back. The warmth of Craig’s body surrounding his, and the lilt of his words breathed into his ear aren’t enough to counter the pain. The physical pain will abate, and is welcome. Gods let this give this Craig some measure of closure. The emotional pain is worse. Craig’s scent, voice, skin, touch is branded on his senses. Never again will Karl feel the love that once accompanied each. His heart shatters and a sob flows around the digits he’s suckling.

“Harder…” he gasps, pushing back to take Craig even deeper. Maybe if punished enough he can bear the hollowness that will follow.

Craig buries himself into Karl, pushing into him to the hilt. He can’t do anything but revel in the sweet tightness that envelops him. He’s not sure where this has led him, or what destructive senses had compelled him to do this. As he starts to rock into Karl, he abandons all sense of guilt and clings to the man in his arms. He holds him still and gives him strength, need, love with each steady stroke. How was he supposed to resist the only thing that made his life worth living? Karl Urban, the man who pulled him from the darkness and into the light. He was a worthy God of love if there ever was one. “Shh, move with me now.” He whispers against Karl’s ear.

His passage accommodates Craig’s girth, and Karl’s ragged breath evens. Rocking into each plunge, he opens himself to the illusion of love and care flowing from the man holding him so firmly. This, this illusion he’ll hold onto letting it be his solace in the lonely years to come. Sweat and tears stream from his face as he flexes internal muscles, willing his love, if only for this moment out of time, to find his bliss.

Craig whimpers as he starts to feel his own orgasm coming close and quickly. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s been so long with someone else. The last time had been sort of a fumbling encounter when he’d been very lonely. He cries out, arms wrapped solidly around his lover, holding him steady. Speeding his rhythm he makes sure to hit that spot that has not had any attention in a long, long time. "Kaarl!" He gasps his love's name. "Yes... oh yeah..." He mumbles incoherently as he tries to control himself from hurting Karl too much.

Karl clenches again, wordlessly encouraging Craig to let go. The firm grip around his waist and at his hip grounds him as each scrape over the bundle of nerves sends sparks through his system. He bites hard into his lip to keep from professing his never-ending love.

Craig clutches onto Karl and his whole body starts to shake with the need for release. His fingers dig into the other man's shoulder and he cries out. He desperately tries to avoid leaving marks, but that spot on Karl's neck and his fingers will leave marks. With one final cry he comes, spilling his seed into the tight ring of his love.

Panting heavily, Craig pulls them both down so that he's spooned up against Karl, still buried deep within. He cradles the other man in his arms, crooning soft nonsensical words.

Thankful he doesn’t have to face his lover, Karl rubs his sweat and tear dampened face on a pillow. Arms still shaking from supporting their combined weight during the thorough fucking, he pets ineffectually at Craig’s sweaty flank. He’s beyond words, his head so full of emotions he’s denied himself capable of. Later, much later, he’ll try to come to grips with the confusing thoughts. Now he just wants to hold onto this tiny piece of illusory love flowing from the man holding him close.

Craig mumbles something and finally draws himself out of Karl. He takes off the condom and untangles his arms for the moment to dispose of it. He pops into the washroom and returns with a warm cloth. With a smile at Karl he washes the other man’s rear gently with the warm cloth and puts a bit of soft gel into what he knows is going to be a sore spot later. He doesn’t even let Karl argue or complain at being treated gently. “Don’t say a word, just relax.” He instructs warmly as he leans down to place a kiss on Karl’s head.

The gentle care threatens to bring more tears to the fore. Karl berates himself for being all manner of a fool. This has been a very bad idea. Not the physical discomfort, that he’ll carry with him as a reminder of the emotional scars he inflicted on the young man Craig once was. The scabs over his own wounded heart have been torn away. If anything he loves Craig more now than ever. Now when there’s no possibility of anything beyond what they just shared, no, did.

Still silent, he moves as Craig directs until he’s curled on his side beneath the rumpled sheets. He should leave to writhe in his emotional pain alone. But loneliness will come soon enough. Now he wants whatever tiny fragments of Craig that the other will allow.

Craig softly continues to adjust Karl until the other man is curled up in his arms. He reaches over to turn off the light and pets Karl’s hair gently. “Do not leave before I wake up.” He tells the other softly, lifting his chin to kiss him gently. He frowns softly when he sees how wet Karl’s face is. Sweat? Or? It wasn’t possible because Karl Urban doesn’t cry. Karl Urban was a pillar of strength. “I don’t know where that came from. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“No, sore’s all” Karl assures, winding his arms around Craig in turn. A deep sigh expands his chest as he nuzzles into the sweet smelling skin of his lover’s neck. “M’not goin’ anywhere” he slurs, the exhaustion from more that their workout hitting hard.

Craig lay awake for a long time, soothing Karl with soft strokes to his hair, knowing it will eventually put him to sleep. He doesn’t feel proud of himself for using the other man like this, for taking advantage. Maybe the hard anger he felt would return in the morning, but right now, things were just right. Perfect even, Karl would always be his in this way. He had no idea where that bravado had all come from. Seducing Karl had been pretty easy. He had so many emotions locked away now it was hard to even evaluate how he felt. He still loves Karl, even after the years that have passed, even knowing how the other man spent his time. What would happen now? “Good.” He whispers in answer, just simply holding the other in his arms.

Karl wakes still tangled in Craig’s arms. His back is on fire. His arms, thighs, and especially his bum are sore and throbbing. The room is dim, the sun having set long ago. Slowly, to not disturb his slumbering lover, he climbs from the bed.

Biting his lip against a groan, he leans over to brush a whisper-soft kiss to Craig’s brow. Peaceful in sleep, he looks no older than when they first met. They’d both been so sure of themselves and their love. Well Craig had been. Karl had been antsy, always wondering what else was around the next corner. He taken those corners, and only these many years later, knows what he’d been searching for was right here. After the sham of lovemaking this evening, it’s too late to recover anything of what they once had.

He straightens carefully. Whatever was in the oil Craig used is itching madly. He snags his warm, flat beer, and still mulling over the emotional state he’s in, steps into Craig’s shower.

Craig wakes to the sound of running water, and a shiver passes through him when he realizes he is cold. The screen door that Karl came through is still open and he rises to close it. The shower. He smiles and pads to the bathroom. He carefully knocks on the door. "Karl? Can I come in?" He wonders with a soft little voice. The one that is always in place during early mornings when Craig is still sleepy and unawares.

The water turned as hot as he can stand, Karl stands under the cascade unmoving. Relishing the pain of stinging nettles loosening abused muscles, he works to clear his muddled brain. How did he become a glutton for punishment? Even now, though tender and aching, if Craig wished for another round, Karl would willingly comply.

Is that what love truly is? Willing to go to any length, just to remain in the presence of the loved one? Or is he using the pain this new Craig inflicted as a way to excuse his long ago actions?

A low moan is masked by the knock. Instantly, as if no time elapsed, his body awakens to the sleepy-soft tone of Craig’s voice. “Y…Yeh luv c’mon in, I’m nearly done.

"Awe, that's too bad." Craig whispers as he pads into the bathroom and pulls the shower open to smile at Karl. "Wanted to wash your back." He steps into the tub, unashamed and circles his arms around the other man just for a hug.

"Good morning."

Karl tips his head back, letting the shower wash away the moisture welling in his eyes. Gods, still, despite changes to both their frames, Craig’s body fits perfectly against his.

“Mmm, that yeh can do. The scratches make it hard for me to reach everywhere.” He will not confess the oil exacerbated the injury. The medicated balm, a tub of which was in his own room, should probably not have been wiped off.

"Are you alright?" Craig can see pain in Karl's eyes as much as he tries to hide it. He steps away to look at Karl shrewdly. He rests his hands on his love's hips while the water washes over them both. "You look kinda greenish." He frowns for a moment, and then makes Karl turn around. "Oh, Christ," He sighs. "Karl, you should have said something. Let’s get cleaned up and get some medication on you."

The flow of water spiking Craig’s lashes, and the steamy room softening the planes of Craig’s face, is proving irresistible. Karl nods, “Some medicated shit ‘m supposed to apply is in me room.”

Moving back a step to resist licking the droplets from Craig’s red lips he gives the other an out. “I should head back…”

Craig snickers. "And how exactly are you going to get back into your room?" He smiles with a spark in his eyes up at his lover. "You didn't bring your key." He trails his fingers up Karl's stomach to taunt a nipple. "Besides, I don't want you to go. Unless you want to go."

Karl can’t resist this time, palms cupping Craig’s jaw, fingers threading in silky wet hair, he leans in for their first kiss. Craig’s domination of his mouth earlier doesn’t count. He laps at the corner of his lover’s mouth, seeking entrance. As his tongue slips into the warm cavern, he moans.

Lightly he sweeps within, just tasting, dancing along Craig’s tongue. “Does that seem like I wanna leave?”

"I don't know." Craig admits softly, reaching up to pull his fingers through Karl's short hair. "I can't tell with you, honestly. I don't care either. You're here, and that's all that matters. I just don't want you walking out that door because..." He lowers his gaze and takes a deep breath. "You might not come back."

Closing his eyes against the kernel of hope that swells in his heart, Karl touches their foreheads together. “That’s what I fear too,” he whispers, only he means fear of Craig walking away. This new -in-control- Craig should have no use for an ex-lover groveling at his feet.

Craig stares into Karl's eyes for what seems like ever until he realizes that he really hasn't washed. Maybe things have changed? Maybe... He just wasn't sure if he could trust Karl this time. He gives Karl a smile. "You never lost me." He says simply.

"We need to get that ointment for you." He decides instead to lather Karl's chest and flick his thumbs over nipples.

Prominent nubs tighten almost painfully. But it’s a delicious remembered pain, and Karl’s rod twitches and fills. “Gods luv, have missed your touch.” Voice rough with arousal, the younger man braces one hand on the tiles, and grasps Craig’s shoulder.

“If yeh keep that up… I’ll be in no condition t’ climb back down to me room.” Nearly closed eyes mask a teasing glint. His key card is in a pocket of his jeans, but he won’t tell the man teasing his body that, just yet.

"You’re not climbing. I'll call down to reception." Craig assures his lover. "You're definitely not climbing with your back all messed up." His thumbs continue their lazy play.

“Going down is the easy part. Coming up…” Karl’s eyes glitter with amusement and more, “that’s what’s hard.” He moves closer, trapping Craig’s fingers against his chest, crowding the smaller man in the small enclosure. “What did I just say about continuing to tease?” Confident for the first time since seeing Craig, the younger man smirks.

Craig smiles warmly, pleased to see that confident gleam back in Karl's eyes. The greenish glitter that has his whole body always tingling, it used to reach him from all the way across the room. "There you are..." Craig smiles as his fingers draw down Karl’s chest. "I've been wondering where you were."

“Being a right git, not realizing everything I was searching for, was right before my eyes.” Karl moves closer still, letting Craig see the emotions and truth on his face. “I love you Kitten. I don’t expect you to believe that, and have no expectations where we are concerned.”

With Craig’s back pressed to the tiles, Karl lifts a hand to trace tiny laugh lines on his face. “I’d like to be a part of your life again, if you let me.”

"Karl..." Craig kisses the fingers that touch him. "I don't know. Let’s not make any promises, ok?" He offers his lips for his lover to take. He makes no admission of love or trust yet, but simply opens the door to let Karl in.

Karl’s eyes close and he swallows roughly. That’s enough, that’s more than he ever thought possible. Aligning their bodies, he cups Craig’s face. Full red lips tilted up to his, he licks the lower bow. “Love you,” he reinforces, angling his head. The kiss again is soft, gentle, tongue dancing lightly with Craig’s.

Craig closes his eyes and slides his arms around Karl, clutching his shoulder blades. The warm water still rushes over them and he presses up against the taller man. Eager for more of this gentle Karl.

Green fire light Karl’s eyes when he finally lifts his head. “We’ll be prunes if we don’t get out of here. Can I take you back to your bed?” Things have changed in the last few minutes, hope loosening some of the knots in Karl’s gut. This time he intends to go slow, giving Craig the option to go forward or not, each step of the way.

Craig smiles slowly. "I'd like to get something on your back first." He reaches up to play his fingers in Karl's hair. "I don't want you to be in more pain. Is it somewhere that can be found easily? I can ask one of the staff."

“Pain is not being with you.” Karl says simply. His hands move from Craig’s head down to encircle the man’s waist. “Want to hold you for a while. Then we’ll go downstairs for the balm.”

He reaches around to shut of the taps, and pulls a couple towels off the racks. “C’mon luv, or you’ll be accusing me of wrinkling your skin.”

Craig smiles, "You're not going to carry me?" His eyebrows twinkle with amusement. He's only kidding, trying to lighten the mood. "We can lie down a while, but we will get that on your back. You can't be Cupid with your back all swollen, love."

Drying himself only cursorily, Karl snorts. “Yea, yer worried about a cream, not me broken back.” He tucks his towel low on his hips and pulls another to wind around Craig’s shoulders. “I’ve a few days out of the wings; some script changes have only bits of me on screen, and voice work.” He uses the towel to tug Craig out of the enclosure and back into the main room.

"Not true." Craig lets Karl drag him towards the bed without much protest. It's nice to see the familiar Karl back. When they get to the bed, Craig jumps onto him, causing both of them to fall onto it.

“Oof! Yeh prat!” Karl rolls until his love is pinned beneath. “Yeh know, yer just askin’ for trouble.” Thank god, this playful, caring man is the Craig he knows and loves best. He nips at the tip of Craig’s nose.

"I know." Craig smiles and sprawls out under Karl. "Why don't you demonstrate just what kind of trouble you're talking about?" He stretches his arms on the pillows and grins cheekily at Karl.

“Could tie those hands to the headboard, take until you’re needed on set to renew my acquaintance with every… single… centimeter… of your… body…” Karl mixes his words with licks of the droplets clinging to Craig’s skin.

"Mmmm..." Craig murmurs, toes teasing Karl's calf. "My body would like to feel your tongue again." He purrs and whimpers slightly, wanting to feel Karl on top of him. Gone is the dominant one who had taken over before, in his place is the Craig he'd buried for many years. The Craig that wants desperately for this to be real.

“Tongue” Karl purrs, “That can be arranged.” Starting at Craig’s jaw line he nibbles and laves his lover’s skin.

Craig murmurs "Just go slowly." He tries to keep his breath even, but is failing miserably.

Karl complies readily. Rocking his hips against Craig’s softly, he relearns curves and angles. His tongue maps areas never really forgotten. Working down to toned abs, he spends long moments bringing taut nubs to tighter peaks. “Could spend hours just doing this.”

Craig stretches and purrs his body all warm and tingling from each touch of Karl's tongue. His cock aches for fulfillment. His toes curl on the blanket. "MMM... Please yes. I'd love it... hours...."

He smiles around the nubbin his teeth and tongue is worrying. The heat from Craig’s throbbing arousal awakens an answering need in the shaft nudging along it. He works lower, laving warm skin covering muscle and ribs.

Craig whimpers and purrs in rhythm to Karl's tongue, taking in each delicious swipe and writhing with it. "Please Please Please..." He chants, fingers moving to thread through Karl's hair.

Karl grins again, moving to take a long swirling lick around Craig’s navel. “Patience love, have a lot more skin to reacquaint with.” Teasingly he stabs his tongue into the shallow depression before working down to one hip bone.

"How long is it going to take you exactly before you can't resist fucking me?" Craig manages to actually speak, legs spreading around Karl easily.

Rising to his elbows, Karl leers, “Who said anythin’ about fucking? I’m tasting. Doing what yeh asked.” He waggles his tongue, smirks, and returns to his sensual assault. Nope, fucking is not his intention, making sweet love to Craig until the older man has to be on set, is. He grins as he tugs at the dark down below Craig’s navel, but no need to let his lover in on that just yet.

"I did.” Craig says softly, "Would love to feel you inside me again, like before." He drags his fingers along Karl's cheek. "You always used to make me feel like I'd never remember anything else."

“Mmm,” Karl nuzzles Craig’s hand, “Was thinking more along lines of feeling you inside me, making you forget yer own name.” Swiftly he wriggles down and engulfs his love’s entire length. The remembered technique is there though the angle slightly off. He gags once before adjusting to the cockhead nudging the back of his throat.

Craig strokes Karl's hair gently, "Relax your mouth." He encourages, groaning with the feel of enveloped warmth. Karl wants so much to please him, but he doesn't understand that the Craig deep inside just wants his Karl back. The man he fell in love with all those years ago. "Just want you, Karl." He whispers.

Swirling his tongue around the throbbing satiny sheathed length, Karl hums. With a wet pop, he pulls off. “You have me Kitten, however you want.” Expression sincere, he climbs back to lay full length on Craig, “Let me do this my way. Let me worship you.” Karl uses Craig’s words from earlier.

Craig blushes as Karl looks down at him, breath coming out in a short gasp. "I want you with me, all the time." Craig knows its impossible, hell he knows that this is just a dream. Karl will go back to being Karl and he'll be alone again. But he'll take what he can get now. Whatever he can get.

“Yes, want that, no more nights alone.” Karl whispers into Craig’s neck, nuzzling. Gods, please want that, he repeats mentally. Rolling, shifting, he pulls a lean thigh high onto his. Reaching for the lube peeking from under a pillow, on handed he slicks his fingers. His other hand cards through Craig’s hair, outlines the shell of an ear, maps the angles of his lover’s jaw. So much the same, so much is different.

Gently he probes Craig’s entrance, his own need to fill his love secondary to his need to worship the man writhing in his arms. “Love you, it’s only been you…” he rasps, fingers sinking in tight heat.

Craig smiles, sadly, the emotion however turns to pleasure as he feels Karl start to sink inside him. His whole body shudders as he wraps his legs around his lover and clings to him. Christ, it was never like this with anyone else, never. Karl was the only one who could fill him entirely like this, fill every pour of his being.

It would be at that moment that his cellphone began to ring insistently. Craig ignores it however and whoever called can go to voicemail.

Karl stills the scissoring of two fingers buried deep. “Love, yeh need to answer that? It could be a change on when they need you on set?”

Craig grabs Karl's neck and stares at him hungrily, "I don't care who it is. They can wait." He leans up to kiss Karl urgently, trying to encourage his fingers. The phone rings again and Craig groans.

“Kitten…” Karl moans, licking a drop of blood from where their lips and teeth clashed. “Let me get your ‘phone, once we know your schedule, we’ll know how long I can make love with you.” Nearing midnight, will he have the hours between now and dawn? Or will he need to leave Craig to rest and prepare, while Karl returns to his lonely existence?

He removes his fingers and shifts to rise. No thought is in his head that the call would be from anyone other than production staff.

Craig sighs and falls back on the pillows, body thrumming. There's only one person it -could- be, and Craig certainly doesn't want to talk to him, not with Karl in the room. The phone continues to ring, the monitor reads 'Mari'. He answers with a grunt. "Very bad timing...this better be...Oh, hi." Craig's eyes flick to Karl. "Yeah, oh. No I'm fine. I'm sorry. I forgot. Yes, I know you worry. Crumbs, it’s midnight. No. I don't want to talk about it. See you later." He clicks the cellphone to the off button. "Now... where were we?"

While Craig was answering the call, Karl pulled a condom from the large box sticking out of Craig’s overnighter. His brows furrow. He’s not the only man in his lover’s life, and he has no right to the jealousy raging inside. From the broken words filtering through the blood roaring in his ears, the call is personal. From someone who has every right to ring up Craig at any hour of the day or night.

Shuttering the fear that this encounter is only a moment out of time, the taller man returns to the bed. “I was wantin’ to burrow so deep into yeh, neither of us will forget,” he answers Craig’s cheeky question.

"I have never forgotten." Craig reassures his lover, smile only for Karl. He reaches one hand out to stroke what is now assuredly a very hard part of the other man. Mari had a tendency for being extremely overprotective sometimes. He looks up into Karl's eyes, wondering at the emotion that he sees there. "What's wrong?"

Karl works to clear his face, “Just love me,” he thrusts into Craig’s fist, reaching for the lube again. His actions are designed to mean physically, the knot in his chest wishes emotionally.

Craig's eyes meet Karl's eagerly as he strokes the length to complete fullness. "I love you." He whispers softly. "Kiss me as you enter me, fill me completely."

“Oh gods…” Karl fumbles to get sheathed, slicked. Bending Craig nearly in half, his jerky moves wind down with his cockhead nudging Craig’s entrance. “Wanted t’ make this special for you, make it last.” He leans in to sip at his lover’s red lips, “Don’t think I can last…” a lightness sparkles in his eyes, “Fuck me love, never could with you.”

Slowly he sinks into Craig’s heat, lips sealed over Craig’s, tongue questing, filling, as his sheathed cock fills Craig to the hilt.

Craig eagerly clings to his lover, fingers clutching his shoulders as his mouth opens for the questing tongue. He gasps into Karl's lips, his body slowly opening. It's clear that Craig hasn't done this in a while, he's so tight. He whimpers against the tongue thrusting within his lips, aching, needing more.

Panting, Karl sucks in much needed air. “Ahhh love…” Craig’s passage throbs, squeezing his cock as it accommodates his girth. “Fuck… this… so…” His stuttering ends when the tip of his cock brushes past that certain spot, making Craig buck and spasm.

Fuck yes, this is where he belongs, the unique scent of their lovemaking fills his senses. This is home, here, wherever his lover, his only love, is.

Craig smiles and then lets out a low moan that starts deep within and rises as Karl presses deeper. Sensations wrack his body and he can't help but let a couple of tears roll down his cheeks. It is wonderful, beautiful.... this is love. Not what they did the evening before. This is like it always had been for them. He is with Karl again. "More...please...its ok."

Craig’s tears are seen through moisture stinging his own eyes. Karl thrusts shallowly, trying to hold out as long as he can. Letting most of his weight rest on one arm, he delves between their bodies for Craig’s length. “Come for me love, milk me like only you can.” Gods just watching Craig come apart in release will do it for the younger man. Nothing is more gorgeous than this man during his climax.

It doesn't take long for Craig to come being coaxed by the sight of Karl's obvious passion. "Yes yes..." He murmurs, trying to come up with something more intelligent to say, but failing utterly. Instead, his body writhes under Karl, his fingers drag down Karl's back, probably irritating the wounds he forgets are there. He cries out and shudders again. The touch of Karl's fingers to his length eases his release from him as stars shine in his eyes. He throws his head back on the pillow and his eyes widen as he gazes at his love. Warmth spills between them as his seed rushes out.

“Yes…” Karl answers, unable to vocalize more. He captures the cries and moans Craig is making, mouth open, tongue sloppily tangling with Craig’s. “Love you… home… you are mine…” His eyes flutter, green depths glittering brightly. A few more thrusts, and he’s shuddering as well, emptying in the latex.

Craig’s blue eyes, and small shivers make his release that much more intense. It feels like it goes on for ages. Drained, he collapses on the smaller man, arms instinctively surrounding Craig, holding him close.

Craig just continues to shudder and cling, wrapping himself around Karl, all the old emotions he'd buried for so long swamping him. He whimpers and says nothing, just simply shudders in Karl's arms, tears sliding down his cheeks as he tries to come to terms with the emotions within him.

Ignoring that he should withdraw and get rid of the condom, Karl hugs Craig closer still. “Shh Kitten… it’s okay, it’s going to be alright,” he soothes softly. He kisses the tears, Craig’s eye lids, the tip of his nose.

Craig settles into Karl's arms and closes his eyes. He doesn't want to think about the past, he just wants to cuddle close against the other man. "Love you..." he whimpers, not exactly knowing what he's saying, just clinging to the moment.

Karl rolls, withdrawing and managing to reach for a tissue. “Love you too Craig Parker,” he affirms, discarding the used condom. He wriggles enough to pull the duvet over their bodies, without losing his hold on Craig. “Let me rock you, eh? Like I used to, gods I love just holding you.”

Craig just cuddles as close as possible to Karl, curling up against him and purring like a little kitten. One hand pets at Karl's arm, fingers twirling in his hair.

A sigh rattles from deep in Karl’s chest. This even more than the lovemaking is what he missed most. What means more to him. He continues to soothe with wordless noises. His hands stroking over Craig’s skin, he leans contentedly against the headboard. He truly feels home, something he has searched for, for so long. “Home…”

"MMmmmm." Craig nuzzles against Karl's neck. He could get used to this, could be held forever in Karl's arms. The whole world be damned. He would stay here like this for as long as possible...

Except for the knocking on his hotel room door. "Craig? Craig? Are you ok?" Mari's voice comes through the door hesitantly.

Craig's eyes instantly fly open in a panic. "Damnit! Shhh." He tells Karl immediately shushing the other man "Cripes. Why can't he... Yeh..." Craig calls out, pretending to be muddled from sleep. "'ang on... 'm... not decent."

"Nothing I haven't seen before..." Mari laughs softly.

Having frozen hearing Marton’s voice, Karl growls low in his throat. He was going to be quiet as Craig asked, for Craig’s sake, not his. That last comment though…

“Let me handle this, I’m not hiding, especially from Mari.” Putting aside Craig’s grasping hands, he wriggles from the bed, wrapping a towel around his hips at the last minute.

Not caring his tousled blond locks, sweat-soaked skin, heady scent of musk, make it obvious what just occurred, he flings the door open and pulls a gaping Marton into the room. “Yeh taking ‘looking after’ Craig much farther than you always swore?” Karl’s eyebrow lofts inquiringly.

Craig had tried to scramble and stop Karl but he was too late. Karl had already pulled Mari into the room. "Karl! Wait... you don't…"

To say that Mari is stunned to see Karl there is an understatement. He stumbles against a chair, but rights himself. His gaze flicks from Craig to Karl then back at Craig. A hurt look flickers in his eyes only a moment.

"One last fling Craig, eh?" Mari asks the younger man when he manages to find his voice.

Then his head swivels to Karl, anger boiling up in his eyes. "For your information, yes. I have been. At least someone has been there for him. I can't believe you... Craig!" Mari lifts his hands.

Craig scrambles off the bed and wraps a sheet around him. "Mari, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you... It's not a fling. Well, okay. It was but not now. Mari..."

"So he's come back to you crawling on his hands and knees and you just let him into your life? Craig! What about us, Craig? Have you told him? What about US?"


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